Up until last night Khayamandi was just a name I heard (very rarely) but my 1st township experience gets a resounding WOW!!! Very proud of the entire AmaZink cast: The performances were gr8 and the waitrons/cast were all very friendly & helpful – we really had a fun evening out!! This is a definite must see for all fellow South Africans to experience South Africa’s first Township Theater Restaurant – will definitely recommend & promote this show – Keep the Passion Going!

Fawn Sisam

The evening was amazing! We felt very proud having such great entertainment for Stellenbosch tourists. Great food and an amazingly talented cast. The service was also great. Will definitely be recomending the experience.

Derryn Holliday

Amazink Live stole our hearts and captured our spirit. We became totally immersed in true South African culture and the soulful buzz of township life. The performers were of top standards and got us all out of our seats, grooving and jigging by the end of the evening! Thank you for a wonderful experience, one that we will certainly remember and recommend to all and sundry!

Jo-Anna Looms – Lanzerac Hotel & Spa

Dear Alana,

Ok so I’m your publicist, but I’m not a spin doctor or a PR. They have to be nice and I don’t. I have a reputation for being brutally honest which is not always an advantage! I must admit I was a little worried about a show featuring, predominately, ‘raw’ talent from Kayamandi who had never performed before. ..nor had they ever been waiters or waitresses. (Hate the word waitron). They were fantastic. Full of energy and enthusiasm, and you could tell they loved it as much as the audience. AND they could both sing and dance. The professional ‘headliners’ were as good as expected too. In fact the whole show was wonderful ..I had a grin on my face from the time it started. Not to mention a sore throat from singing and a messed-up back because I couldn’t help dancing!

The food was really fab, but I expected no less from Bertus Basson.

Not only would I not hesitate to recommend it to everybody and anybody – I could do this at least once a week. Great place for Christmas parties too.


Marilyn Thompson
Thompson N Team (TNT)